How to judge the temperature of the heating tube by color

- Jun 11, 2019-

The heating tube uses a bundled tubular electric heating element for heating various liquids and acid-base salts, and also for metal melting and melting at a low melting point.

     How to judge the temperature of the heating tube by color?

     The temperature resistance of the heating tube has a large unit area. After power-on, the power is large; when the power is small, the heating tube has a small current or a large electric resistance, and the diameter of the heating wire is small. Then calculate the most appropriate choices by factors such as formula and usage environment.

     The higher the current in the heating tube, the higher the temperature of the heating. Generally, in the case of heat, the color changes from dark red to bright red as the temperature increases, and then approaches yellow-white to the glare blue. From this process, the temperature is judged as the color changes. The dark red temperature is close to 1000 degrees Celsius, the temperature can reach 1300 degrees Celsius when it is yellow reddish brown, and the temperature reaches 1500 degrees Celsius when it becomes glare blue.