How to make a fixed installation of the heating pipe manufacturer

- Jul 25, 2019-

In the use of mechanical heating equipment, the heating tube has a series that does not need to be fixed, and can be directly installed in the heating hole for heat transfer, such as a mold heating tube; of course, the heating tube has a series that needs to be strengthened to make it more Stable to work properly, such as a single-head heating tube. Here we mainly discuss the fixing of the heating pipe. How do we operate and how to install it? We all know that fixing and installing the heating tube is a subtle and indispensable part to ensure its normal and stable work. In the absence of this link, there will be problems such as heating tube die-breaking, unstable work, and partial bare leaks, which may become accidents. . Common heating tube installation, fixing and the following analysis without fixing:

1, mold heating tube

The common mold heating tube does not need to be fixed, and is directly installed in the heating hole for heat transfer.

2, single head heating tube

The single-head heating tube has several types of common and L-shaped single-head heating tubes, baffle-type single-head heating tubes, and threaded single-head heating tubes.

(1) The common single-head heating pipe refers to a heating pipe without baffles, threads and other fixed ways. The installation method is: directly mounted on the bracket; after drilling, copper or other metal piece is used for heating. The tube is fixed (similar to the baffle type electric heating tube); some are welded to fix the heating tube.

(2) The L-type single-head heating tube can be directly inserted and used in general use environment. It is not necessary to fix it according to the installation instructions.

(3) The baffle type heating tube may be used directly or welded on the basis of the baffle.

(4) The installation of the threaded single-headed pipe is to screw the heating pipe to the part that needs to be fixed. Usually, the liquid is heated by thread. Of course, the sealing requirement is also strict. Solder on the basis.

3, U-shaped heating tube, flange heating tube, fin heating tube

U-shaped heating pipes are normally equipped with fasteners, usually installed directly by fasteners. If fasteners are not used, they are usually fixed by brackets or welding.

The flange electric heating tube literally means that it is installed and fixed according to the mounting flange. The flange installation can generally be divided into a connecting flange (bolt fixing) and a welding flange. Generally, in the case of low pressure or low sealing requirements, the connecting flange can be used to fix the metal gasket by bolts through the original or post-processed bolt holes; in the case of high pressure or low pressure large diameter flange The flange can be mounted and fixed by welding using a welded flange.

It can be said that the basic double-head heating tube needs to be installed, and the fastener can be installed.