How to replace the magnesium rod of the electric water heater?

- Aug 12, 2019-

        I often hear a lot of people say that the magnesium rod inside the electric water heater is best cleaned up regularly. If you don’t ask for a long time, it will become like this, or even break:

Many people may not be aware of the role of the magnesium rod. It exists in order to chemically react with the scale generated by the heating of the tap water. By sacrificing its own way, the scale will not accumulate on the heating rod and affect the water heater. Heating speed and service life.

Because the scale has certain corrosiveness, after a long time, it will corrode the inner tank, causing the water heater to leak water. Even if the current water heater liner has enamel protection, it still cannot guarantee that it will never crack and have problems. After all, everything There are deadlines.

How to replace the magnesium rod, this is our theme today, in fact, it is not difficult to imagine, it can be done by yourself.

First, ensure that the water heater is in a state of power failure, the water in the liner is cold, and the cold and hot water valve at the bottom is closed, then the sewage outlet is found, and the plug is unscrewed by the handle (the magnesium rod is generally installed in the sewage outlet);

Slowly pull it out. In the process, there will be a lot of yellow water flowing out. Be careful not to get dirty with clothes. You can put a bucket under the water before the screwing. If the magnesium rod is hard, Do not come out, indicating that there is a lot of scale nearby, you need to use a screwdriver to cut off the scale first, it will be loose;

After you take it out, you can replace the new magnesium rod. Below the magnesium rod is a bolt. You can remove the old magnesium rod by rotating it. In addition, if the discharged water is particularly yellow or dark, you can wash the water heater by the way;

Finally, when the water is drained, you can insert the new magnesium rod into the sewage outlet and fix it, and you're done. Then, open the hot cold water angle valve to see if the water heater can be used normally.

In the matter of purchasing magnesium rods, I can give you the advice, that is, the original is better, not the original, we must first accurately measure the size of the sewage outlet, and then buy the magnesium rod of the corresponding size. Generally, the price of magnesium rod is about 50 yuan, which is not very expensive;

Secondly, if the water heater does not have a sewage outlet, the magnesium rod is together with the heating rod. In this case, the water heater must be disassembled to replace it. It is not recommended that everyone come and may damage the water heater.