How to select a reliable heating element supplier?

- Apr 29, 2019-

As electric heating tube industry grows, there are more and more manufacturers. How can we find a manufacturer of electric heating pipes worthy of reassurance in this uneven electric heating tube market? This is a problem that causes many users of electric heating products to have headaches. In which aspects do you judge which electric heating tubes supplier is good for you? You can refer to the following aspects:

First, the judgment standard

1. Professionalism of employees

As a professional electric heating pipe salesman, you can thoroughly and quickly understand the use environment and related parameters of the electric heating pipe through short questions.

2, the employee's quote speed

Skilled and professional sales staff can give you the most reasonable price in a short time.

3. Is there a professional drawing?

Detailed production drawings and customer confirmations will be issued prior to the customer's payment.

4. Safe and secure logistics and transportation

Choose the cooperation of top transportation companies such as Debon Logistics and SF Express to ensure the safe arrival of your goods.

5, responsible after-sales service, protection

The electric heating tubes ordered will be guided by our technicians, whether they are installed or wired. In the event of product damage during the warranty period, the responsibility will never be shirked and the best treatment will be made.

Second, professional advice

1. Manufacturers who quote directly without asking the size, do not buy it;

2. If you exaggerate the life of the heating tube, you must buy it carefully;

3. Manufacturers who do not communicate with customers about the specific heating pipe working environment should be careful to buy;

4. After multiple inquiries, if the price difference between the quotation and other manufacturers is too large, you need to be careful;