How to use single-head electric heating tube?

- May 14, 2019-

1. Fully understand the environment in which the electric heating tube is used, whether it is medium conduction or infrared radiation.

2. Select the appropriate power of the electric heating tube, the power load problem in the premise of ensuring the effective use of temperature requirements.

3. Fully understand the temperature requirements of the electric heating tube, and select a single-head electric heating tube of suitable power. Under normal circumstances, the power is large, the heating is fast, the heating is fast, and vice versa.

4. It is strictly forbidden to dry-burn the electric heating pipe, especially the submerged electric heating pipe.

5. Dry-burning electric heating pipes should pay special attention to the heat dissipation effect of the use environment, which is divided into static air and flowing air.

6. Fully understand the voltage of the electric heating tube. Under normal circumstances, the voltage of the electric heating tube is 220V and 380V. 7. Fully understand the wiring method of the electric heating tube, usually there is a star connection method and a delta connection method, and a single electric heating tube can be connected to 220V or 380V, multiple electric heating pipes connected to 380V voltage. Single-head electric heating tube manufacturers remind consumers that the safe use of electric heating tubes must follow these principles and avoid a series of unnecessary things.