How to verify high quality electric heating pipe?

- Aug 05, 2019-

The most intuitive way to verify the advantages and disadvantages of the electric heating tube is to clean the surface of the electric heating tube first, then turn on the AC 220V power supply, dry it in the air, turn off the surface after it turns red, and then wipe it off with a napkin after the electric heating tube is completely cooled. There should be no black oxidized powder on the white paper (not reacted with oxygen in the air), which is described as a high quality electric heating tube.

Carbon fiber heating element is the most competitive high-tech material of this century. Its appearance has set off a new revolution in the field of electric heating. It is an inevitable trend to replace the metal heating element with carbon fiber heating element.

(1) Product introduction

The heating element substrate of the product is imported material, and has the advantages of large power margin, high temperature resistance, high heat capacity, long service life, and power can be adjusted at will.

(B), product performance characteristics

1, electrical performance is stable

After the power is turned on, the carbon fiber quartz electric heating officer is stable within a certain tolerance range during frequent start-up, shutdown and long-term continuous operation, and does not generate any instantaneous power impact.

2, high thermal efficiency, more than 30% energy saving than the general metal heating body, the heating rate is extremely fast, the carbon fiber heating element is a pure black body material, so it has rapid heating, small thermal hysteresis, uniform heating, long distance of heat radiation transmission, heat exchange speed Fast and other features. During the working process, the luminous flux is much smaller than that of the metal heating element, and the electrothermal conversion efficiency is as high as 95% or more (that is, you use 1000w of ordinary electric heating tube, and only need 700w when using carbon fiber electric heating tube).