Indirect heating of pipeline heaters

- Apr 17, 2019-

  Indirect heating (far infrared heating) has appeared in recent years. It is through the far-infrared electric heating equipment, and the internal electric heater in the pipeline heater covers the bottom of the reactor and the middle and lower parts of the pipeline heater in the pipeline heater. Heating, no direct contact for heating, the far-infrared electric heating device of the pipeline heater has a large heating area of the internal system of the pipeline heater, so that the temperature of the pipeline heater rises steadily and rapidly, the heat release of the pipeline heater is uniform, and the pipeline heater The temperature control is convenient, the pipeline heater can be controlled in the upper, middle and lower sections. The temperature of the tank wall in the pipeline heater is easy to control. The pipeline heater has no side effects on the fuel in the kettle, and the pipeline heater is not marked. In the case of material carbonization, the pipeline heater operates without noise and pollution, and the pipeline heater has the characteristics of long-lasting durability. The energy saving effect of the pipeline heater is very obvious.

        The far-infrared pipe heater is heated and dried. At the same depth, the surface layer of the pipe heater and the surface layer of the pipe heater absorb the far-infrared radiant energy. The pipe heater absorbs energy like solar energy to generate heat and heat the material in the pipe. The heat generation of the pipeline heater is uniform, thereby avoiding the quantitative change of the pipeline heater due to the degree of thermal expansion, and maintaining the shape, physical and mechanical properties, fastness and color of the object to be heated to the utmost. Pipeline heaters are widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, textiles, energy and other fields. . The far-infrared pipeline electric heater has the advantages of good radiation effect, energy saving, convenient use and flexibility.