Inner wiring single-head heating tube product introduction

- Aug 28, 2019-

The inner-wire single-head heating pipe adopts stainless steel SUS304, 310s, incoloy800, etc. as the surface sheath of the heating pipe; the insulating magnesium oxide powder with the advantages of good thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance and good insulation performance, nickel-chromium alloy heating wire is used as the hair Heating element; it has the advantages of low failure rate and long service life compared with the external wiring.

The internal wiring single-head heating tube is made fine, and it is directly led out from the inside of the heating tube by a high-temperature wire resistant to 450 degrees. Compared with the ordinary single-head heating tube, the internal wiring single-head heating tube port portion does not adopt the terminal connection method, so that it has high high temperature resistance and strong mechanical properties, and is suitable for the embedded of the mold. When heating and vibration are large. At the same time, the surface load of the single-head heating pipe of the direct outlet is 25W per square centimeter.

The internal wiring single-head heating tube is suitable for working in a heating medium that cannot be connected at both ends, such as high and low temperature plug-in heating of various sizes of molds and mechanical equipment, including die and other molds, medical equipment, plastic sealing machine, bottle mouth Capper, continuous automatic sealing machine, cigarette making machine, etc. The heating tube is heated quickly, has uniform heat and is convenient to use.

Internal wiring single-head heating tube


1. High service life and reasonable internal structure design. Imported high-purity magnesium oxide core rod and filling material, high thermal conductivity;

2. The wire performance is good, the wire can be used for a long time in the 350 environment, adopting the direct outgoing structure, and the mechanical performance is good;

3. Adopting coreless grinding equipment, the pipe diameter is highly standardized, closely matched with equipment assembly, with high thermal efficiency and fast heat dissipation;

4. Advanced craft products, the quality is more stable, and the safety of equipment is improved;

5. All models are manufactured to CE standards and can meet most machine needs.