Internal wiring single-head heating tube features

- Apr 25, 2019-

1. High service life and reasonable internal structure design. Imported high-purity magnesium oxide core rod and filling material, high thermal conductivity;

2. The wire performance is good, the wire can be used for a long time in the 350 environment, adopting the direct outgoing structure, and the mechanical performance is good;

3. Adopting coreless grinding equipment, the pipe diameter is highly standardized, closely matched with equipment assembly, with high thermal efficiency and fast heat dissipation;

4. Advanced craft products, the quality is more stable, and the safety of equipment is improved;

5. All models are manufactured to CE standards and can meet most machine needs.

Internal wiring single-head heating pipe indicators:

1. Conditions of use: ambient temperature -20 ° C ~ +60 ° C, relative temperature <80%;

2. Electrical strength: cold state withstand voltage AC work 1500V 50HZ duration 1MIN no breakdown phenomenon;

3. Thermal insulation performance: AC 1000V 50HZ duration 1MIN no breakdown phenomenon;

4. Leakage current <0.5MA; insulation resistance >30MΩ;

5. Power deviation +5%, -10%; surface load up to 25W per square centimeter;