Introduction for carbon fiber heating element

- Mar 19, 2019-

Carbon fiber heating element is also known as carbon fiber electric heating element, infrared heating element, infrared electric heating element, carbon fiber infrared electric heating element, carbon fiber infrared heating element and so on. It is to place a carbon fiber filament in the quartz element, vacuum seal in the element, and put a voltage on the carbon fiber filament to make the carbon fiber filament generate heat to generate heat. The carbon fiber heating element adopts imported carbon fiber heating element, and has the advantages of large power margin, high temperature resistance, high heat capacity, long service life, and adjustable power. Carbon fiber infrared quartz electric heating element products, in line with GB/T2423.3-1993 electronic and electrical products basic environmental test rules, test Ca: constant damp heat test method and GB4706.1-1992 household and similar electrical safety general requirements.