Introduction to Common Mistakes in the Purchase of Double Hair Heat Pipes

- Jun 13, 2019-

Misunderstanding one, customers tend to value the price too much and ignore the quality of the product. For example, often ask how much money you have for your hair? We can't help but ask a series of questions: What is the double hair heat pipe? What is the power of a double-hair heat pipe? What is the voltage? What is the length? What is the diameter of the pipe? What are the fastener requirements? What are the wiring requirements? If these questions are not clear, we can't quote. Then there is the comparison of prices, as if the price is the only last word. In fact, it is difficult to buy the appropriate double-hair heat pipe, mainly depends on your actual needs, different quality requirements, the price is naturally different.

Misunderstanding 2, customers often value power and materials too much, ignoring the actual use environment or requirements of the product. For example, some customers do not need too high power, but often require us to do high power. The result is that the power is too large, the double hair heat pipe is overloaded, and the double hair heat pipe is not durable. In addition, there is too much emphasis on the selection of materials, and the actual use of the material does not need to use too good materials, which will increase the cost of double-hair heat pipe procurement.

In short, the purchase of double-hair heat pipe, such as stainless steel double-hair heat pipe, single-hair heat pipe, ceramic double-hair heat pipe, quartz heating pipe or other such as carbon fiber heating pipe, electric heating ring, heating plate, etc., must be based on the specific use environment, Combine the price, quality and use of the double-hair heat pipe to avoid some misunderstandings when purchasing the double-hair heat pipe.