Is the scale generated by the electric heating tube harmful?

- Sep 03, 2019-

When everyone uses the electric heating tube, many people will encounter the same thing: the electric heating tube works in liquid or water for a long time, and slowly generates a lot of scale. At this time, some people take some methods and want to clear it. Off, but the method used is wrong, it is possible that the result is not too ideal; some people do not care, it does not matter, today to share the harm of scale on the work of electric heating pipe and what methods can avoid the generation of scale.


 1. If the electric heating pipe has scale, the most obvious is that the heating efficiency is greatly reduced.


  2. If the electric heating pipe has scale, it will have an erosive effect on the electric heating pipe, resulting in an excessive internal temperature coefficient and a significant decrease in the life of the electric heating pipe.


  3. If the electric heating pipe has scale, it will easily contaminate the heated liquid, which will accelerate the growth of the bacteria; because the scale will sink, it will also cause internal blockage of the heating container.


  4. If the electric heating pipe has scale, it will be very dangerous because it can easily lead to unsafe phenomena such as leakage of the heating pipe and bursting.


In short, scale has a certain impact on the electric heating pipe. If it is not solved in time, it will cause damage to the electric heat and cause a safety accident. Everyone must pay attention to it. In normal work, we develop good habits and avoid the following scales:


1. Do not let the heating zone out of the liquid when heating the liquid; do not use it immediately when the heating is completed, and wait for the lower part to reduce the scale caused by dry burning.


2. If the temperature difference is too large, it will lead to the formation of scale. Therefore, we should keep the temperature change of the heating environment as much as possible. If the heating temperature is not too high, for example, the daily water for daily use should be kept. The water temperature is less than 50 degrees, which makes it difficult to produce scale.


3. When it is impossible to carry out artificial cleaning, magnesium rods can be added to the container to reduce the accumulation of scale. It can also be heated by a large-diameter high-quality quartz heating tube. On the one hand, the surface is not easy to cause scale, on the other hand, the infrared is continuously generated. The rays act to soften the water. In the case where the heated environment is relatively prone to scale formation, such as water quality, it is easy to have scale, and it is possible to develop regular habits.