Is there any restriction on the working conditions of the stainless steel electric heating tube?

- Jul 02, 2019-

Stainless steel electric heating pipes have certain restrictions on the working environment, so they can be used better under the limited conditions to ensure the safety of the workers.

Stainless steel electric heating pipes have specified requirements on the humidity of the air. Under normal conditions, the humidity of the air should not exceed 95%, and there should be no explosive and corrosive gas in the air. The normal working voltage of the equipment should not exceed 1.1 times the rated voltage. .

Second, find a stable and safe location for the equipment. In the process of using the device, it must not be swayed, which is very dangerous and will affect the effect of use. The place where the equipment is placed is stable and there is no debris around it to ensure that the surrounding environment is clean and hygienic.

Third, the effective heating zone of the equipment must be fully entered into the liquid during use. The staff must remember that “the air can not be burned”. The air burning will not only cause the explosion, but also the equipment. The service life.

Fourth, after using the equipment for a period of time, there must be scale and other dirty materials on the inner wall. These should be cleaned up in time, otherwise it will not only affect the heating effect, but it will not be easy to clean up after a long time.

Fifth, the stainless steel electric heating tube can not be placed in a humid place, but it can not directly expose the sun. When not in use, it should be placed in a cool place, and the ventilation and ventilation place will have a good protection effect on the equipment.

Sixth, after the stainless steel electric heating tube is used, the total power supply must be cut off in time, especially in the case of unsatisfactory natural environment, such as rainy weather, the air will be damp, and the power can be cut off to better protect the equipment. The staff should keep a certain distance from the equipment, and the professional staff needs to be trained to be able to get on the job. These regular manufacturers will do as required.

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