Leakage problem of the heating pipe

- Aug 22, 2019-

The reasons

1. The ground wire is not connected;

2, electrical heating tube insulation damage (this may be the problem of insulating magnesium oxide powder, or joint insulation problems);

3. The electric heating tube burns out and the cup body is short-circuited;

4. Improper cleaning, the water hits the terminal of the stainless steel electric heating pipe;

5, the circuit wire falls off and the cup body collides;

6. There is too much dirt on the electric socket or power plug;

7. The water quality is too bad, and the water pollution is serious;


1. Connect the ground wire as required and check if it is correct;

2, inspection and repair, if such an event occurs, it is recommended to replace;

3. The electric heating pipe has been damaged and replaced with the same specification electric heating pipe;

4. Clean and dry the stainless steel heating tube correctly;

5, check off the wire, re-weld;

6. Clean and dry properly;