Liquid heating tube

- May 03, 2019-

The liquid heating tube needs to know the liquid level of the liquid and whether it is corrosive in the liquid. In the application process, the liquid heating tube must be completely immersed in the liquid to avoid the appearance of dry burning of the electric heating tube, and the external temperature is too high, thereby causing the heating tube to burst. If you give a normal softened water heating pipe, we can use the usual stainless steel 304 raw material, the liquid is corrosive, according to the corrosive size can choose stainless steel heating pipe 316 raw materials, Teflon electric heating pipe, titanium pipe, etc. If the oil is heated, we can use carbon steel raw materials or stainless steel steel materials. The cost of carbon steel raw materials is low, and it will not rust when used in heating oil. Regarding the setting of power, it is usually claimed that the customer does not exceed 4KW per meter when heating the medium such as water. The best power per meter is 2.5KW, and the time for heating oil does not exceed 2KW per meter, if heating oil The appearance of the load is too high, the oil temperature will be too high, prone to accidents, must be cautious.