Low energy electric heating tube characteristics

- Aug 02, 2019-

The technology of the electric heating tube is effective heating of the temperature when it is heated. Different electric heating tube materials have different thermal effects on electrical conduction. The electric heating tube products we produce are all based on the most advanced technology. Its technical strength is strong. A good electric heating tube is derived from a good production process. For the current electric heating pipe, there is magnesium oxide powder at the outlet end, and it is prevented from being infiltrated by pollutants and moisture in the place of use to prevent the occurrence of electric leakage accident.

Since the electric heating pipe is shipped from the factory, relevant technical testing equipment is required to detect the relevant technical aspects. At present, we are constantly innovating in the introduction of technology. With strict production technology, continuous innovation and production, and in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality system carefully organized production. Reliable quality, excellent performance, complete variety, price concessions, high technical starting point is the characteristics of our company's products, coupled with perfect after-sales service, so that our products are trusted by customers.

The electric heating tube product works on the principle that when the electric current passes through the heating wire of the heating tube made of a special material, the heating tube radiates infrared rays of a certain wavelength, and when the infrared rays are absorbed by the object, the object is heated. The technique of using this property to heat an object is called infrared radiation heating technology. Infrared radiant heating tube (also known as high-infrared heating tube) is a filament radiator made of high temperature resistant rare metal. After being wound by a special process, it is enclosed in a special transparent quartz glass bulb, and then vacuumed and inert. Made of mixed gas. The infrared radiation energy of a certain wavelength generated by the heating tube after being energized has the remarkable characteristics of high strength, high thermal efficiency, high penetration, and low energy consumption.

The purchase of a good electric heating pipe not only has a long use time, but more importantly, the safety of the electric heating pipe. How to use the electric heating tube safely is the most important for the user. Since the current electric heating pipe manufacturers have great differences in production equipment and technology, choosing a good manufacturer is very beneficial to consumption.