Main features of carbon fiber heating element

- Mar 19, 2019-

1) The carbon fiber heating element has high electric conversion efficiency and remarkable energy saving effect.

The carbon fiber heating element is a pure black body material. In the conversion process, the visible light is small, and the conversion efficiency is over 95%. Compared with the nickel-chromium, tungsten-molybdenum and other materials as the heater of the heating element, the energy can be saved by 30%; at the same power The temperature is 30°C higher than that of the nickel-chromium metal electric heating element, and 15°C higher than the tungsten-molybdenum wire quartz electric heating element.  

2) Carbon fiber heating element has no instantaneous current impact

The ballast is not required for the ignition point, and there is no pulse current impact when starting, which makes the lighting power supply and protection circuit simple, and the service life of the power supply and related electrical appliances is prolonged. 

3) Carbon fiber heating element heat radiation pointing high, can improve the design of directional thermal radiation. 

4) Carbon fiber heating element energy saving and environmental protection. The carbon fiber heating element has no light pollution, does not irritate the eyes and burns the skin; no ultraviolet radiation and harmful gases and high frequency radiation.

5) Carbon fiber heating element infrared radiation efficiency is high

6) Carbon fiber heating element is resistant to acid and corrosion

7) Carbon fiber heating element use average life of up to 6000 hours or more

Carbon fiber heating element is resistant to cold and heat