Main problems and solutions for flange electric heating elements

- Sep 10, 2019-

The damage of the flange electric heating pipe mainly includes:

1. Leakage (the phenomenon is that the automatic circuit breaker or leakage protection switch trips, the electric heating tube can not be heated), accounting for more than 90% of the flange electric heating tube failure

2. No heating (internal heating wire is blown or disconnected at the junction box)

3. The electric heating tube is broken or broken (the electric heating tube is cracked, the electric heating tube is corroded and broken, etc.)


1. For leakage current, confirm the leakage point. If the electric heating tube itself is used, it can be baked in the oven. If the insulation resistance is not good, it may be necessary to replace the electric heating tube. For example, if the junction box is filled with water, blow it with a hot air gun, such as a wire. Wrap the leather with tape or replace the wires.

2. If the flange electric heating tube is not heated, the internal broken wire of the electric heating tube cannot be repaired and can only be replaced; if the line or joint is broken or loosely connected.

3. For the electric heating tube to rupture or break, only replace it.