Main use of cast aluminum heater

- May 23, 2019-

1. Widely used in plastic machinery, molds, cable machinery, alloy die-casting machines, pipes, chemicals, rubber, petroleum and other equipment.

2. Technical characteristics:

The cast aluminum heater is a tubular electric heating element as a heating element, and is bent and formed by a high-quality metal alloy material as a shell, and is centrifugally cast into various shapes such as a circular shape, a flat shape, a right angle, an air cooling, a water cooling and the like. When finished, it can be tightly bonded to the heating body. The surface load can reach 2.5-4.5 w/cm2 and the maximum working temperature is between 300-450 °C.

3. Instructions for use:

1. The working voltage should not exceed 10% of the rated value; the relative humidity of the air should not exceed 95%, no explosive and corrosive gases.

2. The wiring part should be placed outside the heating layer and the insulation layer. The outer casing should be effectively grounded; avoid contact with corrosive, explosive medium and moisture; the wiring should be able to withstand the temperature and heating load of the wiring part for a long time; and the wiring screw should be tightened to Avoid excessive exertion.