Main use of surface insulation for heating wire

- Jul 26, 2019-

The surface insulation treatment heating wire is made of high-quality iron-alloyed aluminum or electrothermal alloy wire, with low surface power load, fast heating, high thermal efficiency and uniform temperature. The electric heating wire is insulated and anti-oxidation treatment, and the surface has good insulation and oxidation resistance. It can be used vertically, almost no oxidation at rated power temperature, no nickel-chromium oxide pollution. It is a new type of environmentally friendly electric heating wire. It has obtained European SGS environmental protection certification and can pass UL, AS, TUV and other safety company tests. The service life of this product is several times to several tens of times higher than that of ordinary electric heating wire. This leading international high-tech product can make your electric heating and electric heating household appliances stand out in the international market with the same kind of products at home and abroad.

   Main performance: 1. Surface insulation and oxidation layer thickness: 3-12um. 2. The single layer withstand voltage of the insulation layer is greater than the AC 50v without breakdown. 3. Use voltage: 6-380v. 4. Use temperature: The maximum use temperature is 1300 °C (the use temperature of the electrothermal alloy wire in the oxidizing atmosphere is 1700 °C. 5. Thermal shock performance: The electric heating element can withstand the thermal shock 500-6000 times without deformation. 6. Use Lifespan: 1000-30000 hours.

   Uses: Widely used in vertical or any direction installation of various types of far-infrared electric heaters, electronic disinfection cabinets, high-speed hot electric water heaters, hair dryers, electric casseroles, window or split heating air conditioners, all kinds of ovens, industrial heating Furnace, hot air generator, and its high temperature rapid heating and local heating as required.