Metal heating tube VS quartz heating tube

- Jul 13, 2019-

    1. The stainless steel metal heating tube is filled with high-purity MgO powder. The outer casing part is generally stainless steel and other high-performance ferroalloys. Under normal circumstances, the dry burning resistance and the service life are longer than the quartz tube. The quartz tube is generally applied at a relatively low temperature. Occasionally, it has good sustained-release properties and strong corrosion resistance, but its material is relatively brittle. It should be avoided in stress occasions and mechanical external forces. It has corrosion resistance of quartz tube compared with stainless steel heating tube. The performance also has the advantages of short heating time of ordinary metal pipe, long service life, strong resistance to dry burning and high resistance to external force. Stainless steel heating tube can be used instead of quartz tube.

        2. The metal heating tube is better, the heat transfer of the quartz heating tube is slow, the price is also expensive, and the quartz tube has no advantage in the use of the heated water. If it is radiant heating other things, in some applications, the infrared radiation of the quartz tube has an advantage.