Method for measuring response time of fryer electric heating tube

- Apr 27, 2019-

The thermal response time of the fryer thermocouple thermocouple is complicated. Different test conditions of the electric heating tube will have different measurement results. This is because it is affected by the heat exchange rate between the thermocouple and the surrounding medium, and the heat exchange rate is high. The thermal response time is short. In order to make the thermal response time of thermocouple products comparable, the national standard stipulates that the thermal response time should be performed on a dedicated water flow test device. The water flow rate of the device should be maintained at 0.4 ± 0.05 m / s, the initial temperature is in the range of 5-45 ° C, and the temperature step value is 40-50 ° C. During the test, the temperature change of the water should not exceed ±1% of the temperature step value. The depth of the thermocouple to be tested was 150 mm or the depth of the design (select the smaller value and indicate in the test report).


Due to the complexity of the device, the frying pan electric heating tube has only a few units with this equipment. Therefore, the national standard stipulates that the manufacturer can negotiate with the user. Other test methods can be used, but the data must be marked with test conditions.


Since the B-type thermocouple has a small thermoelectric potential near room temperature, the thermal response time is not easy to measure the electric heating tube. Therefore, the national standard stipulates that the hot-electrode assembly of the S-type thermocouple of the same specification can be used to replace its own hot-electrode assembly, and then experimenting.