Outstanding advantages of air heaters

- May 23, 2019-

1. The air heater system is in low pressure operation, the medium is hot water and the temperature is low.


2, air heater can also increase the wall temperature, reduce smoke corrosion, prevent clogging.


3. Compared with the air heater heat pipe type, only the circulation pump is provided. Although it consumes a certain amount of electric energy, it is easy to operate, safe and reliable.


4. The air heater circulating pump power is 10kW, which is equivalent to 4kg/h of standard coal, and its heat is equivalent to the heat of 30kg steam.


5. Through continuous circulation of working fluid, the flue gas is cooled, the air heating effect is good, and steam is needed. The air heater circulation pump consumes only 10 kW of power, which is extremely small compared to the recovered heat power in the flue gas.


6. The air heater is conveniently arranged and arranged, and it is urgent to modify the smoke duct. Due to the thermal power requirements of the air heater heat pipe, it is generally required that the air duct where the heater is located is higher than the flue. The air heater forced circulation system can be selected according to the site conditions. The difference in pipe resistance caused by the different positions is solved by selecting a reasonable air electric heater circulating pump head.