How to use stainless steel electric heating tube?

- Mar 23, 2019-

1. Keep the terminals of the electric heating tube clean and dry. If it is wet, it is easy to reduce the insulation performance, which may lead to short circuit. If there are flammable and explosive chemicals in the environment, pay more attention to the insulation of the electric heating tube. Strict protection to prevent accidents.


2. When using the electric heating tube, all the heating tube parts should be placed in the heated material to avoid burning of the electric heating tube that is not heated, and the wiring lead-out part should pay attention to insulation, so as to avoid damage to the line caused by excessive temperature.


3. When there is some glue-like substance on the heating pipe, it should be removed in time. If it is heating some sticky materials, it is necessary to control the voltage, reduce the heat, and then increase the voltage after dissolution to prevent the material from coming out. Come;


4, to regularly remove the dirt on the surface of the heating pipe, so as not to affect the heat transfer efficiency, these should be noted.