Performance characteristics of quartz heating tube

- May 05, 2019-

First, it does not require a far-infrared coating, and has good absorption characteristics. When used for a long time, the radiation performance does not degenerate, and it has extremely high efficiency in electrothermal conversion.

Second, the quartz heating tube has a high operating temperature, and the highest temperature resistance can reach 800 ° C, and is also wider in the selection range.

Third, the quartz heating tube has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, rapid heating, and low thermal inertia. In addition, the thermochemical properties of these devices are very stable, and the service life is as long as that of stainless steel electric heating tubes. The strength is very good.

Fourth, it will not cause any pollution during use, and it is a product that conforms to the concept of environmental protection and energy conservation in modern life.

Fifth, the overall manufacturing and installation process of the quartz heating tube is very convenient and fast, and it is relatively stable and safe in later use.