Performance characteristics of silicone rubber heating plate

- Jun 24, 2019-

(1) The electric heating wire is wound on the alkali-free glass fiber core frame, and the main insulation is silicone rubber, which has good heat resistance and reliable insulation performance.

(2) It has excellent softness and can be directly wound on the heated device, with good contact and uniform heating.

(3) When installing, the silicone rubber flat side of the silicone rubber heating plate should be close to the surface of the medium pipe and the tank, and fixed with aluminum tape. In order to reduce heat loss, the insulation layer should be added outside the silicone rubber heating plate.

(4) According to the needs of the device to be heated, it can be bent and twisted at random, the space is small, and the installation method is simple and quick. The heating body is covered with a silicone insulator, and the tin-copper has a mechanical damage prevention function.