Performance characteristics of stainless steel heating tube

- May 04, 2019-

First, the volume is relatively small, but the power is very large. Such a stainless steel electric heating tube uses a bundled tubular heating element inside, and the power can be exerted to a large value.

Second, the thermal response of these devices is very fast, and they are excellent in terms of temperature control accuracy and overall thermal efficiency.

Third, the scope of application is relatively wide, and in many cases, it has superior adaptability.

Fourth, stainless steel electric heating tube heating temperature is relatively high, usually the highest operating temperature of this type of electric heating tube design can be maintained at 850 ° C, it can be said that this is a very high temperature, many heat exchangers are Can't reach it.

Fifth, the electric heating tube on the market now adopts full automatic control, and then the temperature, flow, pressure and other parameters can be automatically controlled.