Pipeline heater features

- Apr 16, 2019-

The pipe heater adopts a stainless steel cylinder, which is small in size, small in area, easy to move, and has strong corrosion resistance. A thick insulation layer is used between the stainless steel inner tank and the stainless steel outer casing, and the temperature loss is the lowest, and the temperature is maintained. , saving energy.

The main components of high-quality heating elements (stainless steel electric heating tubes) are imported materials, and the processing process also uses advanced production equipment and processes to match the different voltages to maximize performance. Its insulation, pressure resistance and moisture resistance are higher than national standards, and it is safe and reliable to use.

The water flow direction is designed reasonably, the heating is uniform, there is no high and low temperature dead angle, and the thermal efficiency is high.

The pipeline heater is equipped with a domestic famous brand thermostat, and the user can set the temperature freely. All are equipped with overheat protectors to control temperature and water shortage and over temperature protection to avoid damage to heating components and systems.