Production Process of Heating Element

- Mar 20, 2019-

To make a heater, there are a series of complicated procedures to go. Followed is a conclusion of the major processes. It will help you know more about heating element.

1. Prepare the raw stainless steel material

2. Wind the heating wire automatically

3. Fill the MgO powder between the heating wire and heating wall evenly

4. Shrink the pipe to diameter needed

5. Peel the end part of each side

6. Anneal tube: to heat the tube to certain temperature and keep it for enough time, then cool the heater with certain speed

7. Empty the Mgo power at the end part

8. Level the length of the lead rod

9. In-process inspection 1: to inspect the high voltage, electric resistance and size

10. Dehumidify the heater through oven with high temperature

11. Polish the ends of the heater

12. In-process inspection 2: to check the polishing

13. Bend the heating tube to needed shape

14. Weld the heater with needed fittings

15. Dry the heater again in oven

16. Inspect the insulation 

17. Polish the surface of heating element

18. Seal the end

19. Final inspection: power-on test, appearance test, size inspection

20. Packaging