Reasons for the difference in price of stainless steel heating pipes

- Jul 16, 2019-

The application of stainless steel electric heating tubes is extremely common in our lives, even in the industrial industry. However, there are many brands of heating tubes on the market, which seem to be similar in all aspects, but the price difference is very large. why? What are the reasons for the difference in the price of stainless steel heating pipes? Next, let the stainless steel heating pipe manufacturers to fully reveal them.


The reasons for the price difference of stainless steel heating pipes are as follows:


Reason one: the quality of the steel pipe is different


Stainless steel heating tubes, the outer casing is generally made of stainless steel, but in fact the quality of stainless steel is also different, which is one of the main reasons for the price difference. Generally speaking, a good stainless steel heating pipe pipe is made of an alloy material, and a rare metal such as nickel chrome is added to the steel material, so that the corrosion resistance and durability of the pipe material are greatly improved, so the selection of the pipe material directly affects The price to the heating tube.


Reason two: different design processes


Different stainless steel heating pipe manufacturers have different design processes when producing products, so there is a difference between product price and quality. For example, some manufacturers have a clever design process, which will choose ceramics as a sealing material, which saves energy and improves heating efficiency. Similar to such designs, there are generally intellectual property rights, and its cost is added to the product price. However, some manufacturers do not have such intellectual property rights, so the different design processes of the manufacturers will result in different product prices.


Reason three, security protection differences


In the process of using the heating pipe, dry burning is a hidden danger. Lightly, it will damage the heating pipe. Seriously, it will endanger the safety of the user. However, if there is a protection device in the heating pipe, it is different. For example, Yangzhou Asahi Such stainless steel heating tube products have such settings, they directly improve the performance of the product, and the performance improvement naturally increases the price of the product.