Regular maintenance and maintenance methods for heat transfer oil heaters

- Apr 10, 2019-

1. Water will corrode the heat transfer oil pump, so it is forbidden to use the oil pump to pump vacuum and use the pump to pump vacuum.


2. For substances containing a large amount of solvent, first remove most of the solvent in the oven, then use a heat transfer oil pump to evacuate.


3. Use the vacuum pump in the correct order to prevent back suction.


4. After using the vacuum oven, be sure to clean and wipe the glass window of the vacuum oven.


5. Wipe the surface anti-rust oil.


6. Remove the anti-rust oil from the inner chamber of the governor and the inner chamber of the fuel injection pump, and add the lubricating oil of the specified grade.


7. Fuel selection is reasonable.


8. The anti-rust oil in the fuel line should also be removed before use. Connect the fuel to the injection pump line and continuously rotate the injection pump camshaft until the outlet valve is clean and flammable.


9. The fuel with the proper label must be used. Normally, No. 0 diesel is used in summer and No. 10 light diesel is used in winter.


10. The fuel used in the heat transfer oil pump must be clean and must not contain any impurities or moisture.


The above is the maintenance method of the heat transfer oil heater. The operator should do the necessary preparations before running the equipment. In addition, regular maintenance of the heat transfer oil heater is required.