Single-ended electric heating tube

- Jul 16, 2019-

Used in plastic molding molds, hot press forming machines, cigarette machines, rapid sealing machines, pharmaceutical machinery, analytical instruments, footwear, semiconductor eutectic soldering, die casting input tunnel heating, sprueless injection, various gas expansion Heating equipment such as cooling effect. Rich experience in the production of high-density single-head electric heating tubes, scientific structure design according to the use environment of electric heating tubes, improve the safety and life of electric heating tubes.


       Technical Parameters:


       Electric heating tube diameter: ф6 ~ ф23mm


       Electric heating pipe: heat-resistant seamless stainless steel pipe, use temperature up to 700 ° C


       Input power and power: order on demand




       High service life and reasonable internal structure design. Imported high-purity magnesium oxide core rod and filling material, high thermal conductivity


       Adopting coreless grinding equipment, the pipe diameter is standardized to a high degree, and it is closely matched with the equipment assembly. It has high thermal efficiency and fast heat dissipation.


        Advanced craft products, more stable quality, improve equipment safety


        All models are manufactured to CE standards to meet most machine needs