Single-head electric heating tube procurement skills

- Jul 12, 2019-

Whether it is a single-head electric heating tube producer or user, a more comprehensive understanding of a product can greatly help the production and use of single-head electric heating tubes. What is the length of the heating zone and the non-heating zone, the actual surface load is more difficult to calculate. The heating tubes are different according to their different outer diameter specifications, and the lengths of different heating zones and non-heating zones are different. Reasonable selection of heating zones can effectively ensure the performance of the heaters, such as high voltage, insulation performance, etc. .

Calculation formula for wattage of single-head electric heating tube (heating rod):

8 × π × L(cm) × w/cm2 = W (total power of each electric heating rod) (π = 3.1416) (L = length of the heating part) w/cm2 (watt density) = normal 6-8w/cm2

Customers can customize high-watt density heaters (8w/cm2 or more) according to actual needs.

The majority of users can calculate the surface load according to the production requirements, combined with the calculation formula of the surface load of the heating pipe, and develop a single-head electric heating pipe that better meets their needs.