Specific steps to clean the oven

- Jun 21, 2019-

(1) Unplug and turn off the power.


(2) Remove the detachable parts, such as baking trays, grilling nets, chassis, etc., and then wash them with a neutral detergent. In places where the grease is particularly heavy, you can use a strong detergent that removes heavy oil from the kitchen. To focus on decontamination.


(3) Put the oven on the old newspaper, open the bottom plate, then pour it to the left, let the coke fall on the newspaper, and then use the brush to completely clean the coke in the oven.


(4) The heating tube inside the oven is gently wiped with a dry cloth. The entire oven cannot be flushed directly with water except for the detachable part.


(5) Dip the rag into the diluted neutral detergent, remove the wring, and wipe the body shell with a wet wipe; wrap the rag around your hand and then gently wipe it off the inside of the oven. Finally, wipe it off with clean water and ventilate it to dry.


(6) If the oven is cleaned, if it still feels oily, after the whole body is completely dry, put a bowl of lemonade or vinegar water without cover, and dry it for 10 minutes to achieve the improved effect.