Stainless steel finned tube radiator benefits

- Aug 09, 2019-

Stainless steel finned tube radiators are made of high quality materials, and the steel tubes are high quality seamless steel tubes or copper tubes. The whole machine was subjected to a strict pressure test and held for more than 30 minutes. Generally, the water pressure of the steel pipe radiator is 25 kg/cm 2 ; the water pressure of the steel pipe and the stainless steel pipe radiator is 30 kg/cm 2 . Such a radiator fundamentally guarantees its quality, and the thoughtful service makes the customer feel satisfied after use.

  We not only provide you with the whole machine (standard, non-standard), but also can process finned tubes (wraps, aluminum rolled sheets), and can also be designed, produced or processed. Many complete models and specifications provide convenience for customers to choose practical and satisfactory radiators. The radiators will increase the efficiency for your business and fully play its role.

  Our radiator: superior performance, beautiful appearance, complete specifications, low price, satisfactory service, deeply loved by new and old customers