Stainless steel heating element does not cause heat

- Aug 05, 2019-

Reason: A. For the adjustable temperature control heating tube, the contact of the temperature controller is poorly contacted or melted and disengaged.

B, power supply is abnormal or power outage;

C, the resistance wire has been blown;

D. The power cord plug is not in good contact with the electric hot socket, or the power cord is disconnected;

E, the electric heating tube has been burned;

F, electric heating tube lead or lead wire off;

Solution: A, the heating pipe is not easy to repair, it is recommended to replace;

B. After the power supply is normal, use it;

C, the heating tube is scrapped, and the same type of resistance wire is re-produced;

D. Check the line for repair or replacement;

E. Replace and install the same size electric heating pipe;

F, re-weld the lead or lead;