Stainless steel heating tube selection guide

- May 31, 2019-

As an electric heating element that converts electrical energy into thermal energy, electric heating tubes are widely used in various industries and living appliances. The quality of the electric heating tube directly affects the quality of the product, so care must be taken when selecting the electric heating tube. It is necessary to select a good quality electric heating tube as much as possible. The following summarizes a set of methods for distinguishing the electric heating tube, which helps the user to select the electric heating tube.

1. Determine the materials used for the electric heating tube (stainless steel, ceramic, quartz, carbon fiber, titanium, copper, Teflon, etc.) and voltage (actual voltage and input voltage of the electric heating tube) and power according to the temperature to be used; When you buy, you should first ask the manufacturer and the internal material of the heating tube.

Customers know that the price of the heating tube will be very different and the appearance is very similar. Why do some old customers go to buy some prices that are relatively high and not to choose low prices. That is the internal material inside, the two most important materials in the interior are insulating powder and alloy wire. Insulating powder, quartz sand will be used poorly, and insulating modified magnesia powder will be used. In addition, alloy wire, generally iron-chromium-aluminum, can be made of nickel-chromium alloy wire according to the requirements and grades of pipe production. As the saying goes, a penny, a share of goods. It is recommended that the majority of customers, do not covet cheap, so as not to buy inferior products.