Stainless steel mica band heater introduction

- Apr 21, 2019-

 The stainless steel mica heating ring is made of 0.3~0.5mm stainless steel plate with the high insulation and high temperature resistant mica plate as the core, and the nickel-chromium alloy resistance wire of various standard specifications is uniformly wound as the heating body, and processed into various parts by the molding machine. The shape required.

(1.) Application range

        Widely used in plastic machinery, packaging and printing, petrochemical, electronic equipment and other industries.

(2.) Precautions

       1. Stainless steel mica heater is non-waterproof structure, so do not contact oil, water or plastic particles during storage and installation to prevent leakage.

       2. The stainless steel mica heater must be closely attached to the object to be heated during installation. The surface of the heated body should be flat and complete without unevenness.

       3. If the stainless steel mica heater is found to have a blackened color after use, it indicates that the heat and heat are not balanced, and should be adjusted in time to prevent burn through.

       4. The stainless steel mica heater has been used for heating. Avoid repeated disassembly and assembly, which will cause the alloy resistance wire to break and affect the operation life.

       5. Before installation, check whether the installation position is consistent with the specifications of the stainless steel mica heater and the voltage is the same.