Strict inspection must be carried out when using air duct electric heater

- Apr 15, 2019-

Air duct electric heaters are one of the more frequent equipment used in our production process. The contribution in heating is obvious. What aspects do we need to pay attention to in the installation of electric heaters? These small series are for everyone. Summarized, everyone interested can take a look. In the configuration of the internal system of the selected electric heater, that is, a hole in the skating pipe inside the electric heater, the welding groove and the burr are polished, so that the internal structure of the electric heater product and the parts in the internal system can be made. Can play a good heat dissipation effect.


The configuration in the internal system, particularly the size of the holes when heated, is suitable in proportion to the branch of the electric heater that can be placed. The assembly of the electric heater is a system in which the electric heater has a large output power during operation, so the wire frame that the electric heater can be assembled must be strictly inspected during use so that all the accessories can be suitable for electricity. Qualified performance of heater equipment.


Place the built-in heater in the electric heater and the temperature measuring cable in the electric heater internal system on the wire frame inside the electric heater, first wear the round tail of the cable in the electric heater internal system. Enter the stud hole of the branch pipe flange in the internal heating system of the electric heater, and pass it out from the transport pipe when the electric heater is connected. After doing this, the opening on the inner cable of the electric heater can be introduced. A preheating state is formed on the electric heater coil. In the industry, if you need to do experimental data to collect temperature, you can use ceramic heating plate, which is more suitable for constant temperature heating, so the accuracy of the collected data is quite high. Its stability is not comparable to other heating methods.