Structural analysis of cartridge heater

- Jun 22, 2019-

The electric heating tube is made of metal tube (including stainless steel and copper tube), and the spiral electric heating alloy wire (nickel chrome, iron chrome alloy) is uniformly distributed along the central axis of the tube, and the gap is filled and compacted with magnesium oxide powder with good thermal conductivity. The ends of the nozzle are sealed with silicone. This metal armored heating element can heat the air, metal mold and various liquids.


A single-head electric heating tube belongs to a type of electric heating tube, also called a single-end electric heating tube, and is an electric heating element that is out of the line. It has good insulation performance and uses high-purity magnesium oxide with high thermal conductivity as filler. The product has high inherent power, high thermal efficiency and fast heat dissipation.


Single-head electric heating tubes are commonly used in plastic packaging, mold heating, analytical instruments, cigarette industry, footwear industry, semiconductor eutectic welding, die-casting input channel heating, and non-casting injection, refrigeration effects of various gas expansion, etc. Liquid heating, etc.