Structure and characteristics of ceramic electric heating sheet

- Jul 11, 2019-

Ceramic electric heating sheets can be made into crawler heaters of various shapes, and the corresponding specifications can be selected according to the geometry, wall thickness and heat treatment requirements of the workpiece. It can be heated in contact with the workpiece, can be bent, folded, and burned. It is suitable for various metal components, such as pre-weld preheating of pipes and large containers, intermediate hydrogen dehydration and post-weld heat treatment of the local production department, with fast heating and heat. The utility model has the advantages of high utilization rate, remarkable energy saving, low labor intensity, safe and reliable use and convenient operation, and is one of the most novel and practical ideal partial heat treatment heaters in the welding industry. The maximum working temperature is 1050 °C.


● Ceramic electric heater structure and use: It is made up of high-temperature resistant multi-strand electric heating wire and high-strength, high-temperature-resistant porcelain parts according to special process requirements. It has arbitrary bending characteristics in its length direction and can be widely used in each. On-site heat treatment of industrial equipment, workpieces, various metal containers, drying of pipes, heating and heating, various die, high temperature heating of molds, etc.

●Ceramic electric heater features:

1. It has a winding property. For example, when heating a container or a pipe, it can be bent into a curved shape or a circular shape to heat the surface. For example, a large workpiece can be heated, and the part can be recovered and covered. The large-area workpiece can be tiled and covered. In addition, it can be adapted to the heating of workpieces of various geometric shapes.

2, high operating temperature, fast heating, high thermal efficiency, no pollution, uniform heating and accurate, can achieve automatic control.

3. High mechanical strength, good thermal insulation performance, large contact surface with heated objects and long service life.

4, installation, maintenance is convenient, the use of low cost, even if the internal heating material is damaged, and the external ceramic device can still be reused.