Technical description of maintenance of hot runner heating coil

- Jul 04, 2019-

Use a multimeter to check the power of the heating coil and whether the thermocouple is damaged. If you need to replace it, please follow the procedure below:

1. Remove the hot mold half from the mold.

2. Remove the positioning ring (the other function of the positioning ring is to fix the hot nozzle).

3. Install the M3 screw on the lifting hole and remove the hot nozzle, keeping in mind that the heating ring cannot be kneaded.

4. Remove the snap ring and the heat ring heat shield.

5. Hold the hot nozzle head, rotate clockwise and turn and pull the heat ring to gradually remove it from the hot nozzle.

6. When the device is newly added, the heating ring should be as close as possible to the main body of the hot nozzle. The front end of the heating ring should reach the main body of the front end of the hot nozzle.

7. Turn the heating coil clockwise to move it toward the head of the hot nozzle to ensure that the heating wire reaches the front end of the hot nozzle completely. The distribution of the heating coil on the hot nozzle should be denser at both ends and the center should be sparse.

8. Install the heating ring heat shield. If the heat shield is tight, check if the heat ring is in place.

9. Install the circlip.

10. Detect the standard resistance value of the heating coil and calculate the power (the standard power is engraved on the heating coil), and detect the resistance value of the thermocouple (zero or smaller resistance).