Terminal mast mica heating plate

- Jul 09, 2019-

Introduction to stainless steel heating plate

The stainless steel electric heating plate is an electric heating device in which a resistance heating wire is wound on a mica plate (mica plate). The mica board (mica sheet) heater utilizes mica board (mica sheet) for good insulation performance and high temperature resistance. It uses mica board (sheet) as the skeleton and insulation layer, supplemented by galvanized sheet or stainless steel sheet for support protection. It can be made into various types of heating devices such as a plate shape, a sheet shape, a column shape, a cone shape, a tube shape, and a circle shape. The normal surface load is 2.5-3W, and the temperature can be 500 °C.


Stainless steel heating plate features

1. High temperature resistance. The mica board is resistant to high temperatures of 600 °C.

2. Good insulation performance. The insulation resistance is greater than 100MΩ.

3. Light weight and thin thickness. Small size and high power.

4. It can be easily and easily designed into various shapes according to needs, and the cost is low.