The difference between industrial radiator and household radiator

- Aug 09, 2019-

Industrial radiators are commonly used in industrial production of heat dissipation equipment, with good heat dissipation, stable performance, and a variety of specifications. So what is the difference between it and the home radiator?

1, household radiators, mainly used for home use, energy-saving, low-power 220V-based, the advantage is plug-and-play, low price, but the disadvantage is that only partial heat dissipation, heat dissipation area is small, generally used in the bathroom ;

2, industrial radiators, according to engineering needs, generally divided into 220V and 380V, the power is generally relatively large, large up to 220KW. The temperature can be adjusted from 0 to 800 degrees. Suitable for temperature requirements of different projects. Suitable for large area heat dissipation and temperature dissipation.

3, household radiators are used in homes and similar places of various radiators, also known as civilian radiators, according to the product's function, use, attributes, etc. can be divided into multiple types of products. Industrial radiators are widely used in various industries such as light industry, construction, machinery, textile, printing and dyeing, electronics, food, starch, medicine, metallurgy, painting, etc., such as hot air heating, air conditioning, cooling, condensation, dehumidification, drying, etc. .

Industrial radiators and household radiators are in fact very different, but in terms of use, one is for industrial production, and the other is for households and the like, and the two cannot be mixed.