The explosion-proof pipe heater product features

- May 27, 2019-

In the electric heating chamber of the tank, the principle of central heating of the electric heating tube is adopted, so that the temperature of the heated medium, that is, the time flowing in the heating chamber, is increased without increasing the resistance of the liquid flow. Since the time during which the liquid flows in the heating chamber is increased, the liquid is sufficiently heated in the heating chamber, which improves the heating efficiency.

1. The wall of the bundled electric heating tube and the inner wall of the tubular electric heating chamber are made of anti-fouling material, so that the electric heater does not scale and coke in long-term work, which improves the use effect of the heater. , extending the life of the heater.

2. The electric heater is controlled by thermocouple to ensure the temperature control of the heating device inside the tank.

3. The outer wall of the electric heater is designed with an insulation layer so that the heat inside the heating device does not flow out.

4. This equipment is flanged for easy installation. Users only need to connect the power cord after installation.