The heating tube manufacturer analyzes why it can heat up?

- Jul 24, 2019-

It can be seen from the above structure diagram that there is a spring-like object inside the electric heating tube, which is the core component of the electric heating tube that generates heat - the resistance wire. Iron wire chrome aluminum wire and nickel chrome wire are commonly used for electric resistance wires.

What are the basic requirements for electric resistance wires in electric heating pipes?

The electric heating tube is to generate heat by energizing the internal resistance wire, and then is transferred to the surface of the electric heating tube through the magnesium oxide powder with very good thermal conductivity, and the temperature of the surface of the electric heating tube is transmitted to the object to be heated or the liquid. Go to the purpose of heating.

Moreover, the surface of the electric heating tube is uncharged because a magnesium oxide powder having good insulation and thermal conductivity is filled between the electric resistance wire and the electric heating tube outer casing, so that the electric heating tube is used for heating water or heating. Metal modules are not subject to electric shock.

Customers who have not used electric heating tubes, they do not know what shape of electric heating tube they use, and do not know how much electric heating tube to use. As a qualified electric heating tube sales, it is able to design the electric heating tube that is most suitable for the customer according to the customer's use requirements. Today, I will introduce how to design the electric heating tube.

1. First, you need to know what the customer wants to heat:

Liquid: including water, oil, asphalt, honey, salt water, alkaline water, chemical reagents, etc. Air: Wind-blown or statically sealed, mold.

2. What is needed to find the total power:

According to the weight of the heated liquid / the cube of the air / the volume of the mold, how much the liquid / air / mold is heated to how many degrees, how long heating time

3. According to these three parameters, the total power can be obtained:

It is determined by dividing the total power into several parts with reference to the installation size of the heated object, so that the power of the single heating tube can be determined. The specific power of the electric heating tube can be determined by determining the single power and combining the length and size limits.

Then, according to the heating medium, the material used for the electric heating tube is determined.

Finally, combined with the shape, size, material and diameter of the electric heating tube, the price of the electric heating tube can be roughly calculated. The above is all the steps of how the electric heating tube is designed.