The main material of the heating tube of the current steaming oven

- Jul 05, 2019-

At present, the main material of the heating tube of the steaming oven is a quartz tube, a carbon tube, and a 310S stainless steel. Quartz tube has high thermal conductivity, no need for far-infrared coating, good radiation matching absorption, long-term radiation performance is not degraded, and the price is cheap; stainless steel tube has high thermal conductivity, good quality, corrosion resistance and dry burning resistance, long life and reliable High in nature, it is currently the main heating tube material; carbon tube has the highest thermal conductivity, up to 98%, rapid heating, low energy consumption, good quality and easy to clean.


Because each material has its own characteristics, many brands of different materials are used to achieve the best results. For example, some desktop steaming ovens use a combination of quartz tube and stainless steel heating tube, the upper heating tube selects the quartz tube, absorbs the high thermal conductivity of the quartz tube, and has the advantage of radiation matching absorption; while the bottom heating tube selects stainless steel. The material absorbs the advantages of stainless steel material against falling and bumping. The combination of the two can achieve a good heating effect and ensure that the heating tube is not easily damaged.