The reason why the folded electric heating tube is unevenly heated

- Mar 23, 2019-

1.the choice of resistance wire:

 The quality of the resistance wire will directly affect the effect of the electric heating tube when it is used. The non-standard resistance wire may not be seen from the appearance, but it can be found through the efficiency when used. The low-quality materials are selected, the electrical conductivity is not effective, some of the heat is good, and some of the heat is poor.


2.the resistance wire gap is not uniform:

After selecting a good quality wire, it is necessary to perform the process of spinning, that is, the wire is stretched and wound according to the design requirements. This process tries to ensure that the gap between the resistance wires is uniform. After the power is turned on, it can ensure that the electric heating tube is evenly heated to the object. Otherwise, the temperature in the region with high density should be higher than the small density region. This process is very important.


3. Improper filling of magnesium oxide powder:

The filling inside the electric heating tube is all magnesium oxide powder, and now most factories still use manual filling, which will lead to the internal tightness when filling, the overheating will be slower, and the loose part will heat faster. . Over the years, Detai has adhered to the quality policy of strict management, excellence, and customer satisfaction as the guideline. The production scale and product quality of the main product cartridge heaters are among the best in the industry.