The scope of application of air electric heater

- May 21, 2019-


         The air heater is mainly used to heat the required air flow from the initial temperature to the required air temperature, up to 850 °C. It has been widely used in many research and production laboratories such as aerospace, weapons industry, chemical industry and higher education institutions. It is especially suitable for automatic temperature control and high flow high temperature combined system and accessory test. The range of air electric heaters used is wide: it can heat any gas, and the hot air produced is dry and anhydrous, non-chemically corrosive, non-polluting, non-conductive, non-combustible, non-explosive, safe and reliable, and the heating space is heated up quickly ( Controllable).

 The air electric heater is a new type of heating equipment specially used for the ash removal system of coal-fired power plants. It is suitable for air-conditioning air conditioning chute gasification wind heating, electric precipitator ash gasification wind and ash storage gasification wind heating. The device consists of two parts: an air electric heater body and a control system. The electric heating tube has good thermal conductivity and excellent insulation, and a baffle is arranged inside the heater to uniformly heat. The air electric heater control cabinet and the gasification fan have interlock control function and local control and remote control interface. When the equipment is restarted after sudden shutdown, the control cabinet can be automatically and smoothly adjusted.