The technical evolution route of single-head radiant tube temperature uniformity

- Jun 14, 2019-

The emergence of regenerative combustion technology has greatly improved the temperature uniformity of the single-head radiant tube.

Through experiments, it is found that as the air preheating temperature increases, the maximum temperature difference on the surface of the radiant tube gradually decreases, and the temperature unevenness coefficient also becomes smaller. There are two technological evolution routes in this process:

1) The evolutionary route to the super system: single system → dual system → multiple systems. According to this evolutionary route to improve the evolution of the uniformity of the surface temperature distribution of the radiant tube (Note: the control system is changed to a regenerator), the system is in the final stage of evolution.

2) Frequency coordination evolutionary route Single object (flame): continuous motion → pulse → periodic action → increase frequency → resonance. According to this evolutionary route, the evolution process of increasing the uniformity of radiant tube temperature distribution is described. The system is in the stage of evolutionary periodicity, which can further improve the combustion cycle of the burners on both sides or develop in the direction of increasing frequency, such as increasing the burning on both sides. The frequency of alternate burning of the mouth increases the uniformity of the temperature distribution of the radiant tube.